Each year, 100 high potential startups from all over the world are accepted into our multi-corporate accelerator program. Each 4 month accelerator program aims at supporting start- and scale ups with market entry, growth and expansion to new markets by connecting them to relevant stakeholder groups.

Current weXelerate startups

Batch III

Logo Relimetrics
Logo Zapiens Technologies
Logo WearHealth
Logo Txture
Logo Tribe
Logo Text United
Logo Texel
Logo Tap My Back
Logo Talpasolutions
Logo Soter Analytics
Logo Sheepblue
Logo Quantego
Logo Orderlion
Logo Neuron Soundware
Logo Ondewo
Logo Naoris
Logo Metis.Finance
Logo Lendflo
Logo Janus
Logo Greendeck
Logo Gini
Logo Frosha
Logo myHaustechniker / ADAGE
Logo Excalibur
Logo CyNation
Logo Copsonic
Logo business.holler.live
Logo Cloudstorm
Logo Butleroy
Logo Archon Dronics
Logo Amodo
Logo AltaSigma
Logo AAAccell

16 Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners are highly motivated to engage with promising startups from all around the world. Forms of collaboration range from learning from each other to jointly developing new products, pilots and proof of concepts or even investments as a base for long-term relationships.

Corporate Partners

Logo Hervis
Logo PSA
Logo Uniqa
Logo Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien
Logo Raiffeisen Informatik
Logo Kurier
Logo Wüstenrot
Logo Wien Energie
Logo Volksbank
Logo Magenta T
Logo Palfinger
Logo ORF
Logo OeKB
Logo Austrian Sports Betting Company
Logo Andritz
Logo Acredia

100+ Mentors

Our network of mentors consists of serial-entrepreneurs and executives with a hands-on mentality. They offer access to their network, share their experience and expertise and will always provide startups with their open and honest opinion. They are not only door-openers, but a critical success factor in a startup’s long-term journey.

Network of Mentors


Venture Capital plays an important role in any innovation ecosystem and has helped some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs to grow their company. weXelerate is striving to build an international network of investors covering multiple stages, industry and technology focus areas, to create fast tracks for startups and investors to find each other.

Network of Investors

Logo 42CAP
Logo Push Ventures
Logo primeCROWD
Logo Inventure Partners
Logo Next Road Ventures
Logo High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH
Logo Viaduct Ventures
Logo Segnalita
Logo Atieh Capital
Logo Martin Global AG
Logo BWS Invest
Logo Buran Venture Capital
Logo MKB Fintechlab
Logo tecnet
Logo aws Gründerfonds
Logo Capital 300
Logo Air Ventures
Logo red-stars.com
Logo Keiretsu Forum CEE
Logo Speedinvest
Logo i5invest
Logo STS Ventures
Logo Q Capital Ventures
Logo Neulogy Ventures
Logo Ithuba FinMill
Logo Dataventures
Logo Camouflage Ventures

Strategic Partners

weXelerate’s strategic partners are heavily involved in the program for startups. They share their know-how in workshop formats, deep dives as well as individual 1 on 1 sessions as needed, and provide access to their wide network of clients and partners.

Strategic Partners

Logo Linde Verlag
Logo Oracle
Logo IBM
Logo BearingPoint

40+ Service Partners

Our service partners work with startups individually and cover a range of fields. From legal advice to hardware prototyping, growth hacking to fundraising, UX design to PR – startups can rely on expertise in almost any area relevant to them, and access it as needed.

Service Partners

Logo Commitly
Logo V_Labs
Logo Karfidov Lab
Logo iteratec
Logo Dealmatrix
Logo 21Group AG
Logo Firstcap
Logo Birgit Mayr-Egger Consulting
Logo Druck.at
Logo Reiter PR
Logo Kalbeck Ventuers GmbH
Logo 20 Reasons
Logo 3rd District Wirz
Logo XBH
Logo WMWP Attorneys
Logo Venionaire
Logo Skills of Life
Logo Pilotfilm
Logo Nativy
Logo m27
Logo Hood Studio
Logo FeelSafe
Logo FeelsLikeHome
Logo Eblinger & Partner
Logo Cox Orange
Logo i5invest
Logo Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg
Logo Amazon Web Services
Logo Austrian Standards
Logo Austrian Institute of Technology

30+ Tenants

On 9.000m2 weXelerate is home to 30+ permanent tenants. From Venture Capital to Growth Hacking, Media Agencies to Chat Bot Developers & more – they all love to meet on the plaza over lunch.


Located in the building

Logo Taste & Tech GmbH
Logo IBM
Logo ELEVATE by TheVentury
Logo The House of Nakamoto
Logo Business Circle TomorrowLab
Logo INDUSTRI Engineering
Logo TheVentury
Logo Speedinvest Heroes
Logo Speedinvest
Logo Sclable
Logo Russmedia
Logo red-stars.com data AG
Logo Uniqa Innovation Lab
Logo der brutkasten
Logo Clever Clover
Logo Blue Minds Factory
Logo Authenteq
Logo Austrian Angel Investors Association
Logo 3TS Capital Partners
Logo 21Group AG
Logo Reiter PR
Logo Hyve
Logo hackabu
Logo i5invest
Logo Wien Energie
Logo Palfinger

Community Partners

We’re thinking innovation beyond borders and our network of community partners enables us to do so. Collaborating with stakeholders internationally makes this ecosystem a melting pot of the brightest minds and greatest ideas, and we’re growing every day.

Community Partners

Innovation beyond borders

Logo Pioneers
Logo IG Lebenszyklus
Logo motion4kids
Logo Entrepreneurship Avenue
Logo HubSpot for Startups
Logo 4gamechangers
Logo UBEReats
Logo TVSalon
Logo K10
Logo Social Media Box
Logo Launcher
Logo South Central Ventures
Logo Entrepreneurial Center Zagreb
Logo Development Agency Zagreb
Logo Technology Park Zagreb
Logo Startup Factory Zagreb
Logo Vienna Business Agency
Logo Trend One
Logo Spark
Logo Senat der Wirtschaft
Logo SBA Research
Logo Playroom
Logo Pixit Design
Logo Innmind
Logo Handelsverband
Logo Global Incubator Network
Logo Ecovis
Logo Digital Building Solutions
Logo Core Stateji
Logo Business Angels of Slovenia
Logo hackabu
Logo Bridgeway
Logo Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation
Logo ABA