A unique
innovation ecosystem.

weXelerate’s mission is to create this vision by driving disruptive and high value innovation. Our strategy is to enable open innovation by building valuable and lasting partnerships based on mutually shared goals and complementary capabilities. We are 100% focused on building relationships with partners who share our vision and commitment to innovation and value creation in the fields of strategy, creativity, finance and technology.

Our Strategic Partner

Our strategic partnerships deliver major benefits to our ecosystem and also our startup collaboration program.
Our partnership allows our partners to access new markets and technologies in return.

Our tenants

Our in-house community is a colorful mix. From a co-working space up to large offices we have everything up the sleeve. We accommodate startups, agencies, banks, VCs, media houses as well as branch offices from our corporate partners in our buildings. Exciting meet-ups and events are guaranteed!

Our community partners

Through and with our community partnerships, we strive to share resources, knowlegde and content with other companies, agencies or entrepreneurs.

Our Investor's Network

Get access to our ecosystem and get the chance to meet new business ideas. We're connecting investors with startups and businesses from different sectors. As an investors, you are sure to find something that interests you.

Our mentors

Mentoring plays an important role in any environment and has helped some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs to grow. weXelerate is striving to build an international network of mentors, covering multiple
stages, industry and technology focus areas, to support startups and young entrepreneurs in our program.