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Do you have a great solution
for our corporates?

We match startups and scaleups with leading Austrian companies.  Startups and scaleups are becoming more and more valuable innovation  partners.

Present your solutions directly to corporate innovation managers  and decision-makers, work on proof-of-concepts and form relationships that last.

In our 4 month collaboration program you have the opportunity to work on exciting pilot projects with your matched corporate but also with other companies.

Explore the weXelerate
innovation ecosystem.

As a  startup you’ll get the chance to enter  a world full of opportunities.  In addition to your corporate collaboration, you can also scale your solutions with renowned strategic partners, consult with mentors, get access to investors, media partners and tenants in our building or connect to the Austrian innovation scene.

The whole weXelerate team is here to guide you through several possibilites and chances for you!

What to expect?

An impactful program to help you build up a solid business network in Austria.

With only 1 week per month of mandatory participation from October to January, we facilitate your collaborations with our corporate partners and expose you to a variety of opportunities in the Austrian entrepreneurial ecosystem helping you to take your business to the next level – all for free, with no equity taken!

Grow your business with leading
corporations from multiple industries.

The weXelerate multi-corporate collaboration program has already welcomed over
170 participants from more than 30 countries in four batches since autumn 2017.
We match startups and scaleups with leading Austrian companies so they can work on
proof-of-concept and form relationships that last.