Home of innovation - in Dornbirn.

weXelerate is more than just an office. We believe in physical places of exchange and networking in the fields of innovation, technology and digitalization.

Our international network of more than 20 leading Austrian companies from various industries, exciting cooperation partners, startups, scaleups and a global network of investors as well as established contacts in the media and technology landscape provide numerous impulses for innovation topics. As specialists for innovation processes and innovation partnerships within and between companies, weXelerate stands by these companies and thus ensures continuous growth within our ecosystem.

What we offer.

Your own office space:

For all those who want privacy

On the first two floors there are spacious, top modernly equipped offices of various sizes, creative laboratories and small offices for individuals or teams. The premises are ideally suited for entrepreneurs, teams of between 2 and 40 people, startups, scaleups, SMEs or freelancers. The first floor is also rented out on a large scale for a company with approx. 30 workplaces in total.



For all networkers

On our second floor we have a modern, openly designed co-working area where individual workstations but also several work areas can be rented together. The attractive price-performance ratio is ideal for all those who love networking. The rental package includes unlimited high-speed Internet access (magenta up to 100 Mbits/sec), a table, office chair, running costs and cleaning, your own locker, several meeting rooms and shared kitchenettes.

It is a great pleasure for us that the weXelerate team is located here in Vorarlberg, as the first branch office outside of Vienna. This is good for the location and Dornbirn, we need more power for innovation and exactly such partners as weXelerate.Markus Wallner, Landeshauptmann Land Vorarlberg
We live in very dynamic times. Many companies have to reinvent themselves again and again. And this requires new ways and forms of cooperation. weXelerate has already led to great cooperation projects between established companies and startups and scaleups. This is a great addition to the many initiatives in Vorarlberg.Martin Ohneberg, Präsident, Industriellenvereinigung Vorarlberg
An 'innovation accelerator' is a perfect complement to the innovation ecosystem in Vorarlberg. The fact that the first weXelerate hub after Vienna is opening in Dornbirn once again demonstrates the important role Vorarlberg plays in the market and the central importance of innovation in the region. We are pleased to welcome weXelerate in the region and to support it as an innovation platform. This offers the opportunity to further accelerate the innovation dynamics and to establish supra-regional networks.
Jimmy Heinzl, Geschäftsführer Wirtschafts Standort Vorarlberg (WISTO)
weXelerate am Lindengrund is a new and important innovation hub in our region, and we are proud to be a part of it. We appreciate the central location of the hub in Dornbirn, the excellent public transport connections and especially the modern architecture and interior infrastructure of the building. This makes the weXelerate location the first choice for our office.Jodok Batlogg, CTO und Grüner crate.io
Since we have had a very good partnership in Vienna from the very beginning, we are especially pleased that weXelerate is now part of the innovation ecosystem in our "Ländle" - where the founders of V_labs come from and where we have a location. The cross-regional exchange between corporates and the access to the Austrian and international startup landscape will be very fertile for Vorarlberg.Andreas Gähwiler, Managing Partner V_Labs
Vorarlberg is currently developing very dynamically in the area of innovation. With weXelerate a new player enriches the Vorarlberg innovation ecosystem. Due to the current development, we could soon reach a tipping point in Vorarlberg with regard to innovation & startups.Thomas Metzler, Leiter startupstube // FH Vorarlberg
weXelerate's decision to locate in Vorarlberg is an enrichment and optimal addition to the Vorarlberg startup and innovation ecosystem. We are looking forward to the cooperation!Thomas Gabriel, Startupland Vorarlberg
Innovation increasingly arises from cooperation in ecosystems that go beyond traditional industry boundaries. weXelerate offers access to an exciting ecosystem and thus new innovation opportunities.Thomas Kohler, InnoDays
weXelerate creates space for new things, so it will be very enriching for the business location Vorarlberg.Philipp Lehner, CFO ALPLA

fix desk

Current offer (until 30.04.2020)

€ 199,-*

regular € 299,-* warm
State-of-the-art access system: 24/7
Access to shared kitchens
Discounts for the event rooms
Standard contract duration: 1 year
Access to weXelerate in Vienna

*all prices are net prices

flex desk

Current offer 

€ 99,- * warm

regular € 149,-* warm
10 days per month
Standard contract duration: 1 year

*all prices are net prices

our event area:
For all who love events.

The top floor is our event area. This floor is characterised by its open floor plan and multifunctional usage possibilities. Mainspace, workshop room, meeting or lounge – everything is offered here. The spacious terrace with a panoramic view can also be used for events. An ideal location for event organisers, who can book rooms for events here.


Your contact person on site.