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July 3, 2019

Summer is upon us. This means it is time for another issue of our quarterly magazine


If you have not already picked up an issue at the weXelerate Pitch Night, come by and pick up a copy. Too hot outside? You are already on holiday? No problem, enjoy our online issues!

What news will you find in our second Xray issue?

Batch 4 is over, read about the pitch experiences the batch 4 startups have gained at IBM Austria. Our startup success stories will give you an even better idea of what can be achieved with the help of the weXelerate Accelerator Program. Want to take part in a study? Find out about “Startup Anatomy”, an interesting study initiated by our hub tenant Speedinvest Heros and how to take part in it. Furthermore, we are happy to introduce our new managing director Awi Lifschitz. In our interview he offers short insights into daily business and reveals details about weXelerate’s future. What do our corporate partners say about us? Find out about Magenta and their collaboration with weXelerate.

Enjoy the latest Xray issue and have a great summer!