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A masterclass about making change happen.

May 24, 2019

Life is full of changes. However, it is quite difficult to bring forward changes, especially when it comes to changes in the workplace.

Learn to make changes

Once a year the Innovation Day sponsored by Österreichische Lotterien takes place. This year part of the event are nine masterclasses on various topics, which are held from the beginning of April until June. On May 21st Martin Wolf, Head of Corporate Innovation at weXelerate & New Leadership Coach, and Sara Aiello, Corporate Innovation Manager at weXelerate, held a masterclass on “Corporate Entrepreneurship”. The masterclass focussed on how actively driving change in work environments can work. After a short theoretical part, the 16 masterclass participants were taken on a journey to learn how to successfully achieve change in their companies.

As mentioned above, changes are usually quite difficult to bring about in work environments. During the Corporate Entrepreneurship workshop participants got an insight into what parts of the human brain need to be activated in order to be able to perceive change. Change processes take time, but it can be learned and can become a routine in the end. The workshop also showed that there are different types of people when it comes to changes. “With the right people’s approach, change can be exciting for everyone in the organization and create a sense of entrepreneurship within the corporate environment. That is the reason why we put a focus on the human perspective in the frame of innovation”, emphasises Martin.

Mastering changes

Taking all the above into account, the biggest challenge most companies face is to become active and set about changes. This is the reason why the second part of the masterclass focussed on the actual doing. The group worked along a set of questions covering topics such as what people are interested in and if this interest has added value for companies. “This masterclass was a great experience for us”, says Sara. “We got a lot of positive feedback. The workshop itself was perceived well and it was really interactive.”, she adds. The group worked out a quite simple pattern on how to decide if to follow an idea that might bring about change. Sara explains “If you believe in your idea and the amount of resources necessary are relatively low, look for ambassadors and try it out! If it costs the company a lot and you wouldn’t bet your monthly income on it – you might want to put more research into it. We wanted to show the participants how to prioritize their ideas and furthermore how to take action!”