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Another eXcellent office for innovation!

May 29, 2019

We are happy to announce that we are getting bigger!

The innovation and startup hub “weXelerate am Lindengrund” will open its doors in autumn 2019, exactly 2 years after the opening of the hub in Vienna.

Why the west?

This location in the west will open in Dornbirn in Vorarlberg and will address foremost Vorarlberg-based companies that operate worldwide and have gained great international reputation. First tenant will be the company BTV, the Bank for Tyrol and Vorarlberg. weXelerate managing director Awi Lifshitz emphasised that “there is hardly any other region in Europe that has a corporate landscape like Vorarlberg with outstanding, worldwide-operating companies with a strong focus on business clients. These enterprises are on the verge of great change that is connected to digitalisation as well as new competitors and technologies. With the weXelerate innovation program we  support the innovative strength of these companies.”

Dominik Greiner, second managing director at weXelerate, had a leading role in the expansion to the west. For weXelerate “the region around Bodensee has always been at the very top of our list of regions for an expansion.”, he says. He explains further that “in Dornbirn we have not only found the perfect property, but also with BTV the ideal partner for realising another successful hub like in Vienna. Great thanks goes to Gerhard Burtscher, chairman at BTV, for his support and engagement in this project.” Gerhard Burtscher emphasises that “BTV is very happy that we succeeded in bringing weXelerate to Dornbirn. This will mean synergies within Vorarlberg and across the borders as well.”

What to expect of the new hub

The concept of weXelerate is based on the following three pillars

  • innovation ecosystem
  • multi-corporate collaboration
  • corporate innovation services

The ecosystem focuses on the networking of national and international organisations. The multi-corporate collaboration centers around the matchmaking of startups and scaleups in order to initiate pilot projects and proofs of concepts, whereas corporate innovation services refer to the growth of the innovative ability of companies, education and networking.

weXelerate am Lindengrund has more than 1500 m² on four floors. There is room for offices for bigger companies with up to 30 employees as well as smaller offices for four to eight people. There will also be a “lab” which will offer space for project-based working or spin-outs. Furthermore, there will be an event space including a terrace for up to 75 people. This will be the central event location for digital as well as innovative initiatives and will further networking and the exchange of ideas. Like in the hub in Vienna restaurants can be found on the ground floor. An inner yard as well as a garage complete the offer. The location will be for those with fine taste as there are gadgets like a cooling ceiling with a high green energy standard and wide planks. weXelerate am Lindengrund is looking forward to realize more innovative projects with startups and corporate partners!


picture (from left): Dominik Greiner (weXelerate), Gerhard Burtscher (BTV), Awi Lifshitz (weXelerate), Viktor Penzinger (weXelerate)

credits: Dietmar Mathis/weXelerate