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Are you planning an event?

September 18, 2019

Why not host your next event at weXelerate, the Home of Innovation in Vienna’s city center? Apart from being a very central location, the hub offers on its almost 9.000m² rooms as well as open areas for events of all kinds. Depending on your event, you can welcome as few as 10 people or as many as a few hundred guests.

So, what could your meeting or event at weXelerate look like?

Whether its basic presentations, workshops or a totally new format, you will find room for hosting either one of those events at weXelerate. In the past we have hosted numerous events stretching from classical business meetings and workshops to totally new event formats like hackathons or live podcasts and tech breakfasts. weXelerate was also proud to host Vienna’s biggest event for the International Women’s Day on April 8th 2019 powered by female founders. On this day the whole hub was buzzing with people. The topic of the event was women in the workplace. All event spaces were booked, even the tenants took part in this event. Participants could attend workshops or panel discussion and could listen to keynotes and talks in breakout-sessions.

A few weeks later, the hub opened its doors for the Vienna’s Daughters Day to get the next generation of women interested in digitalization, VR and other topics focusing on technical gadgets. This summer weXelerate offered summer camps to children aged 7-12 years and 13 years and older. In this format we worked closely together with DaVinciLab. Take a look at all the innovative and creative ideas the children came up with during the one week camps.

What events are coming up in the future? As Home of Innovation weXelerate is proud to be part of the We Are Developers Congress in November 2019. Together with weXelerate We Are Developers welcomes their speakers in Vienna with a big welcome party. The Vienna Startup Week in May 2020 will hold its opening ceremony in the hub. Around 3000 participants are being expected. More details will come soon.

How to contact us: Write today to events@wexelerate.com and start planning your awesome event!