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Bring your daughter to work!

April 26, 2019

What would you like to become when you grow up?

A difficult question. Therefore it is important to help young adults to find out what job they could possibly be interested in. On 25th April 14 girls aged 11-16 were invited to spend an interesting and entertaining day in the weXelerate hub. As part of the annual Vienna’s Daughter’s Day weXelerate together with eight tenants and partners showed the girls the technologies and working life of the future.

What is a hub?

In order to answer that question, weXelerate managing director Claudia Witzemann led the girls through the hub. She pointed out various partners and tenants, the girls got to have a quick look around some of the spaces. Before the workshops started, the girls got to know one another a bit better in a round of table tennis and table football.

Not only talking, but really working.

During the morning the girls took part in 4 different workshops. With Wien Energie they learned how with smart inspection VR goggles as well as drones are used for the inspection of power plants. They could test both technical devices themselves. To round off this workshop Wien Energie showed a flight of a big drone.

Then they turned to design thinking with Oracle and developed apps for school children to make it easier for them to do their homework and school work even better.

What do you do if a customer has no new products or ideas? How do you create interest in the media for him? These questions were tackled in the workshop by the PR agency Reiter PR. There the girls came up with creative ideas for the launch of a customer event.

Finally the girls got an insight in the daily working life of experience designers with sclable. Together with the team they created ideas for digital apps that help facilitate everybody’s daily life as well as entertain people.

The exciting chatter and laughter showed that the girls were deeply engrossed in their doings. PALFINGER, a weXelerate corporate partner, invited them to have a look around their new office. They chatted, danced and hugged the robot Pepper, took funny pictures in the photo booth and travelled up an elevator in virtual reality.

More hands-on workshops.

After lunch the older girls spent an hour with Lehrberuf Info to explore education, apprenticeship and jobs that can be started as an apprentice. In the meantime the younger girls worked with The Ventury on how to best pitch their creative ideas.

To round the exciting day off, the girls explored in small groups how to make video interviews with der brutkasten. They furthermore learned how to prepare questions for such interviews and how the technology works behind the scenes.

Social media is nowadays an ever present phenomenon. Therefore it is important to know your way around this fast changing technology. Our hub’s inhouse experts Hackabu offered the girls a social media training workshop, where they covered tips and tricks as well as the dos and don’ts of social media channels.

Big thanks to all partners and tenants for your support and the interesting workshops. They girls enjoyed themselves and gave us great feedback. Thanks to the girls for your participation, your input and your questions. We hope to see you back for Daughter’s Day 2020!


Photo Credits Label4