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Coding for a good cause

February 18, 2019

Last weekend the weXelerate hub was buzzing again. The reason was the second Social Hackathon of the New Austrian Coding School that was held in the hub for two days.

Coding for beginners.

The New Austrian Coding School offers courses for programming for nine months for unemployed people. Such hackathons are a great way for them to gain practical experience. At this year’s hackathon attendees of the coding school course were working together with professional developers. In 24 hours they had to come up with solutions for predefined problems. One such problem was to turn so-called “spaghetti codes” into clean codes. Spaghetti codes are unstructured and difficult-to-maintain source codes, which can be found in games such as Pacman or Space Invaders. This year the focus was on solutions with high quality coding. 

Skilled coders are needed more than ever.

Claudia Witzemann, managing director at weXelerate, is familiar with this problem. She emphasised that “in today’s economy there is a great demand for trained developers as well as coders. The startups that apply for the weXelerate Accelerator Program show that as well. Therefore weXelerate is more than pleased to welcome the New Austrian Coding School for a hackathon for a second time.”

Congratulations to the winners and to all participants for staying motivated until the very end.