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February 6, 2019

Working online and in social media – at work as well as in our freetime –  is our daily business. Data is everywhere. Therefore data and the management of it has become a very important business. Linx4, a weXelerate alumni from batch II and finalist in the Startup Award 2018, is working in this field. We have had the pleasure to meet Linx4 CEO Paul Bruckberger and CFO Christoph Rößner for an interview.

weX: Paul, Christoph, thanks very much for meeting with us. What services does Linx4 offer its customers?

Paul: Thanks. Well, data are the motor of every business. They are important.

Christoph: And really valuable.

Paul: But to come back to your question, Linx4 is a platform that processes real time data from machinery production. This opens new fields of work for banks and insurance companies. With our data financial products, risk models as well as other business models become more flexible and adapt to the terms.

weX: Wow, that sounds pretty impressive. What made you start working in this business field?

Paul: Well as I explained before, data is really important and a truly interesting field of work. We worked in this field already, but after we became part of batch II, we saw that there are many business areas that could profit from our solution.

Christoph: The networking during the program helped us to get in touch with people from banks and insurance companies and we soon found out how important data is in these business areas as well.

Paul: So we basically have focused on another field of work and have redefined our idea.

weX: Linx4 was in the Austrian Forbes magazine a few weeks ago. I learned from this article that your father, Paul, is part of the managing team. So would you describe Linx4 as a startup or family business?

Paul: Well, we are an Austrian business and yes my father is part of the managing team, as you just said. My father has been working with data and data management for the past 15 years and has furthermore experience in founding a company. This helped a lot of course. But still I think of Linx4 as a startup.

Christoph: I would say we are a startup with Austrian roots.

weX: What does a typical working day look like?

Christoph (laughing): Are there typical working days anymore? Just kidding. Of course we have our to dos, but usually our to do list is quite dynamic.

Paul: Well, Mondays are our what you might call “team days”. We have a lot of internal meetings, talking about the to dos and upcoming events for the week. Tuesdays to Fridays we work with our customers. Most days we have 2 to 3 meetings with different customers. Working in a startup environment means that we are pretty agile and can adapt quickly. We also need to be in close contact with the market and ask ourselves what the demands are.

weX: What about the future? Are any interesting projects planned?

Paul: Well, currently we are working with Erste Group and EY Austria on new financial products based on machine data. This product will be mainly interesting for the Austrian market. But Austria is only the beginning, in 2019 we want to win more customers in banking and insurance companies for this solution. We are also approaching companies that build machines of various kinds with our pay-per-use solution. Machines might not be sold but leased in the future.

weX: Thanks for the insights and all the best for your future endeavors.

Paul and Christoph: Thank you.


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