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Effective ways to boost your Business on Social Media – Part 1

July 29, 2019

Whether you are new to the game or have been developing your business’s social media presence for years, navigating the ever-changing opportunities of online platforms can pose quite a challenge. Businesses that lack proper social media representation are missing out on promising opportunities for growth, networking and marketing. It is therefore vital that you familiarize yourself with the basic tools to boost your business on social media. Our social media experts have come up with 13 ways to do that. In part one you will find out about the first 6 ways.

1. Quality over quantity

This saying applies to social media as well. As almost all businesses have limited time and resources, make sure to focus on 2 or 3 platforms that represent your business the best. Ask yourself questions like “Who are my clients?” or “Which social media platforms do my competitors use?” Make sure to conduct research on each platform considering audience, purpose and goal of the channels. This will help you to narrow down your own channels and use your resources and time effectively.

2. Know your audience

Some businesses maintain a strictly professional appearance online, while others are more relaxed and use gifs, memes or emojis in their posts. The key to choosing an approach is to understand your audience. You need to find out as many things as possible about the audience for example how old they are, if more men or women follow you or what topics are best liked. Both, the formal as well as the informal approach can be very successful. However, you must stay consistent in your online presence.

Examples for the formal approach

  • Create templates and be consistent with colors and fonts
  • Use respectful language, make sure you address your followers by name and conclude with “greetings from the team” or the name of the person responsible for social media
  • Focus on professional achievements in your business such as awards or successful projects

Examples for the informal approach

  • Use informal language and emojis, share funny memes
  • Share “vlogs”Ask members of your team to give the followers a virtual tour through the office or share a video of an office party
  • Include your followers in your office shenanigans and show them that your business works hard but also knows how to have fun

3. Variety is the spice of life

Whether you choose a sophisticated or a fun approach, your audience will eventually get bored if you stick to the same posts. Here are some suggestions of how to spice up your typical feed:

  • retweet articles that are relevant to your industry
  • share success stories of your clients
  • congratulate colleagues or businesses on achievements
  • let an influencer or another important figure take over your account for a day
  • share quotes
  • organize a raffle or competition

4. Stay focused

Online tools such as Content Cal, Hootsuite or Buffer, just to name a few, allow you to schedule posts. Furthermore, they give you helpful insights and compare different platforms. Such tools can help you to keep sight of all your different posts and have an eye on what goes online and when. They also give you a better understanding of who your followers are. You can use the insights that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram offer too. Whatever tool you decide for, a clear understanding who you are posting for and when can prevent posting irrelevant content, offending followers or missing out on a popular time window.

5. Get your colleagues involved

Ask your colleagues to like and share your content on their private accounts, especially on LinkedIn. The algorithm of LinkedIn is more likely to classify your post as relevant if a lot of people share it.

6. Build relationships

Monitor your pages so you can immediately respond to questions and comments. Your page should also list your locations, opening hours and contact information so people can reach out to you more easily. If possible, address followers by name when answering questions and comments. In addition to increasing people’s satisfaction, maintaining relationships with followers sends a powerful message to your viewers: We are approachable and care about your concerns.

Stay tuned, more to come.