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Effective ways to boost your Business on Social Media – Part 2

August 8, 2019

Two weeks ago, our social media experts shared their first 6 ways that could help you to boost your business on social media. Ready for more? Here come tips 7 to 13.

7. Share your news

Sharing and retweeting content from different businesses or news networks is a great way to show that you are collaborating with different members of the industry. Other accounts are more likely to mention your business in their posts if they think you will share it on your page. You can share on different social media channels. Whenever someone mentions you, you can easily share this information on your own.

So hit that share button. Don’t forget to return the favor and mention other businesses on your feed!

8. Ask for reviews

Once you have compiled a list of happy and loyal followers, send them a personal email asking them kindly for a review on Facebook or Google. Nothing beats a personal request. They will surely be happy to submit their feedback.

9. Make events happen

Many people are looking for events and places to go to on free nights. They turn to Facebook for suggestions. Something is going on in your office? Take advantage of the Facebook events tool and create an event. This tool allows you to narrow down your audience and add tags. Make sure to upload a high-quality banner and include all necessary information along with an RSVP link. Ask your colleagues to click on the “I will attaend” button. That way their friends will be notified about the event on their own feeds and are more likely to attend as well.

10. Say cheese!

With pictures and videos your posts get more attention from followers. Make sure you use a decent camera for them. The better these pictures and videos are, the more professional your feed appears to the public.

11. #hashtags

Users will be able to find your posts quicker if you include relevant hashtags. In general, hashtags are used for raising brand awareness with a unique brand tag, or for making a specific event or idea popular. The more unique a hashtag is, the better. But refrain from picking a hashtag that is too vague or common, because such hashtags simply don’t stand out. Use hashtags in moderation. Nobody likes an Instagram caption that consists of an entire paragraph of hashtags. Check Twitter’s trending page to see what people are tweeting about that day.

12. Telling the truth

Make sure that the information you post is accurate. The world of social media is public, news travels fast. Adding sources or referring to articles can help maintain transparency and accuracy.

13. Hire a social media manager

Hiring an extra pair of hands to create and maintain social media business channels is a great long-term strategy. Make sure the person you choose has excellent writing skills and a great eye for design.