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Fresh local groceries in the city

July 5, 2019

It is a well-known fact that products bought directly at the market are fresh and have a great taste. However, due to time and convenience issues, most people go shopping in supermarkets. The startup markta addresses exactly this problem. They have developed the first digital farmer’s market.

Why a digital farmer’s market? There are manifold reasons among which the most important ones for markta are the short transportation routes as well as the support of local farmers and sustainable products. Furthermore, people know where the products are from, the groceries taste better and fresher and in buying local produce buyers support local farmers.

The idea for markta was born in spring 2018. This summer markta opened four pick-up locations in Vienna. The products are ordered and paid online and are then picked up in a location of your choice. Eva-Maria Weidenthaler, Head of Marketing & Sales at markta, explains that “markta started out as a market place for small local producers of fresh products, who couldn’t compete with companies supplying supermarkets. They sold their products online. We soon saw that customers were looking for something more. We came up with the idea of local pickup locations.” According to Eva “the products are organic and sustainable. All products we offer come from less than 100 km around Vienna. And, most importantly, these products are affordable.” markta is transporting their products with a “tractor”, a special cargo bike. “The bike has been built by a designer team in Vienna, we use a smart lock system by the Styrian company Nuki and the products are cooled by sheep wool. We try our best in being sustainable and local”, says Eva about how markta works.

markta has great plans for the future. Apart from growing their customer base and maybe setting up more pickup locations, the ambitious team of ten people is thinking about putting up vending machines at the pickup locations. “This would enable customers to get a range of products 24 hours a day”, explains Eva. Another plan is to offer direct sales at one of the pickup locations. At the moment customers can only pick up pre-ordered products during the opening hours. 

weXelerate is proud to announce that the hub is an official pick-up location for markta. Get your milk, butter, bread and many more groceries once a week in our hub. Order goods online until Sunday night and pick them up the following week on Thursday. You ordered more than you want to carry home? Get it delivered right to your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Let’s start shopping!