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getHUNGRY – Get inspired by the instagram for dishes

June 19, 2019

Imagine the following scene: You are sitting in your office and are busily working away. Around lunchtime your belly starts rumbling. Where to eat? And, the even more important question, what kind of food? Questions that bother most people once a day.

The Viennese entrepreneurs Richard Knor (CEO), Pierre Rubant (CMO) and Martin Mildner (CTO) have developed an app that addresses this very problem. The digital service getHUNGRY helps users to find what food is on offer in their vicinity with only a few clicks. Restaurants post and market pictures of their dishes and drinks on the getHUNGRY platform. Potential customers, who are in the vicinity of said restaurants, can download these pictures as well as related information on their smartphone. Based on choices, regular users get food proposals by the app. The getHUNGRY app is available for iOS and Android.

We have asked Pierre Rubant to give us a short insight and tell us a bit more about the app.

weX: What gave you the idea for such an app?
Pierre: Around lunch time, we found ourselves asking the same question every day: “What will we eat today?” The question was usually followed by tedious research on various restaurant websites for lunch menus. We wanted to make that easier. That is how our guide came to life.

But we were not satisfied yet, we wanted more. We wanted to present the offered food in the best way. You know, you eat with your eyes first, so we decided to add a visual component to our app. We chose authentic pictures of the available dishes. So hungry people searching for food can find out what delicious dishes are on offer in their vicinity.

weX: How did the team come together? Did you know each other before?
Pierre: Yes, we have known each other for years and have already worked together on various projects. Each team member has different talents. These skills helped us to cope with challenges and find solutions for problems. All content is produced “inhouse”.

weX: Is getHUNGRY only available in Vienna?
Pierre: No, our service is currently available in almost all Austrian capitals. You can find more than 1.000 restaurants. Every day new venues are listed.

weX: What about the future? What are your plans?
Pierre: The getHUNGRY app is perfectly scalable. It is easy to roll out the app in other cities, from Rome to Paris, from San Francisco to Sydney. Our goal is to become the biggest and most current menu worldwide.