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How refurbished hardware helps growing trees

February 27, 2019

Modern times have turned homo sapiens into “homo computicus”. All of us work every day with computers, laptops and other hardware devices. Of course, we want to be fashionable in this area as well. Humankind is striving for faster, better and more modern devices. New hardware is put on the market and bought on a regular basis. This is not only expensive but also quite a strain on the environment.

The startup refurbed, which has taken part in batch 1 of the weXelrate Accelerator program, has come up with a clever solution for the environmental problem. Their solution involves the refurbishment of used hardware. With their innovative idea, the startup, which meanwhile consists of 25 people, is also on the “30 under 30 Europe 2019” list in Forbes magazine. To get more insight in refurbished hardware, we have met with Peter Windischhofer, who is one of the founders of refurbed.

weX: Hi Peter, thanks for your time. Could you describe refurbed in a nutshell. What services do you offer your customers?

Peter: Hi, thanks for the invitation, certainly. refurbed is a marketplace for refurbished products. All mobile phones, laptops and tablets we offer are refurbished products. But they look like and work just as well as new products. Customers save up to 40% and get at least one year warranty. This way the products are truly sustainable. Furthermore, we support the “Plant a Tree program”. For every refurbished product we sell, one tree is planted in Haiti, Madagaskar or Nepal.

weX: That’s quite an innovative idea. The refurbed team is constantly growing, but still you are seen as a startup. What would you say are the good and the bad sides of being a startup?

Peter: Personally I think that the greatest advantages of being a startup is that you are able to build a great team and to come up with new, crazy and innovative ideas in a relatively short time. On the other hand, you never know how well the market as well as the startup itself will develop. There is a great deal of uncertainty. Working as a startup means working a lot, but I don’t see that as a disadvantage. You have fun and the working-a-lot part goes hands in gloves with that.

weX: refurbed has been part of the weXelerate Accelerator Program. How did that help you?

Peter: Yes, we were part of batch 1. We really liked it, especially the flexible way of choosing interesting topics and workshops. Coming in second at the Demo Day at the end of the program was great for us and brought with it a lot of publicity and contacts.

weX: Finally a glance into the future. What projects are planned for the near future?

Peter: We are currently growing very fast within Austria and Germany and we want to keep that up. Furthermore we are expanding into other European markets and test new revenue streams. The overall aim is to provide even more people with sustainable products.

weX: An honourable business aim, I think. Thanks for your time, Peter.

Peter: Thanks, always happy to share our story.