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If you need help, just holler!

February 25, 2019

All of us interact online on a daily basis. Whether it is for work or private use, there are many online touchpoints with or as a customer. Almost everyone buys books, clothing, toys and many other products or services online. Unfortunately, customers are not always happy when they open the package delivered to their door or use a service online.

Founded in October 2017, the Dutch startup holler.live has grown into a team of 12 people. The founders used their experience as shoppers to create a solution. Based on asking the right questions, the tool is simple and effective in its usage for customers as well as companies. The service can be either used via SMS or can be embedded online. When receiving a product, a sheet of paper with a QR code on it, invites customers to rate the service online. The online- and the offline world become one.

When customers like the products and keep buying them, a company can easily reward them for instance with vouchers. In case there are problems or complaints about a product, companies have an easier way to get in contact with the customer and by asking the right questions about the complaint can reach a solution quite quickly. COO Anton Tumbev and CEO Rado Raykov think that their success is based on the fact that online shopping is gaining more and more importance. People lack the time to go shopping in the real world but expect an online shopping experience to be similar to going shopping in a supermarket around the corner. “Tools need to be simple and effective. It’s important that they make the life of customers as well as companies easier and not put more workload on them.”, Anton explains. Rado adds “Companies are always really fascinated that asking a few questions can be so helpful.”

To get an even better insight what users and companies can do with holler.live, we have asked Anton a few questions.

weX: Holler.live in a nutshell – How would you describe your services in a few sentences?

Anton: At holler.live we are developing a quick and easy to use tool, which empowers customers to have an actual say with a simple swipe of the finger. We are on a mission to bridge the gap between companies and their end-users, through engaging in a truly constructive dialogue, beneficial to all stakeholders involved. The holler.live platform is equally easy to employ in the digital and physical world, capturing all customer journey touchpoints. We are suitable for and work with companies across many industries, all of them having one thing in common – their desire to get to know and ultimately serve customers better by engaging in a constructive and rich in valuable data dialogue.

weX: Why did you apply for the weXelarate Accelerator? What did you expect?

Anton: We were approached and invited to apply by the weXelerate program managers. holler.live was identified as a potential valuable tool for one of the corporate partners of weXelerate. Funnily enough, we ended up agreeing on starting pilot projects with three other corporate partners. Entering the program our aspirations and expectations were to meet key innovation decision makers at top corporates and luckily that’s exactly what we got.

weX: What are your learnings from the program?

Anton: We were pleasantly surprised by the willingness to innovate and relatively quick decision-making process of what are viewed as otherwise heavy corporate structures. The quality of the contacts we were introduced to (the most important to us) was very positive. On the negative side, I somehow see a minor misalignment between the quality of the workshops/presentations and the stage the participating companies are currently in. I believe that the latter would be more valuable to earlier stage startups.

weX: You have been asked to speak at the Oracle Customer Conference in Munich. I assume you talked about your product. When was the conference and what are your learnings/feedback from it?

Anton: We were invited to participate in the ORACLE Impact conference in Munich, which took place last year on November 6th. The reason for that was their desire to use the holler.live tool during the event, allowing the audience to engage and express their sentiment towards the speakers and the overall atmosphere. I believe that sole application of our product, paved the way for a future multidimensional cooperation with ORACLE.

weX: Are you currently working on interesting projects?

Anton: During the batch we have started pilot projects with Oracle and UNIQA. Besides the invitation to the conference, we have started an innovation partnership with Oracle. With UNIQA we have signed a one year contract for a pilot project in customer feedback that was recently kicked-off.

weX: Wow, quite an achievement. All the best for the future.

Anton: Thanks, always happy to share our story.