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Into the crowd

January 28, 2019

Behind every business idea, however small a company might be, there needs to be a business as well as a financial plan. This is no different for startups. In the past few years, crowdfunding has been a successful way for smaller companies to get their finances sorted out. What is crowd funding? Basically the term crowdfunding means funding a project or business venture by raising money from a large number of people usually via the internet.  The startup Anbotux has also been keen on the idea of crowdfunding and has finally found a way to realize it. We asked Juan Mateu, CEO and co-founder of Anbotux, a few questions about his startup, the weX Accelerator progam and their crowdfunding plans.

weX: Hi Juan, so how would you describe Anotux in a few sentences?

Juan: Hi, well Anbotux is pioneering a new type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve customer service digital channels and chatbots. This type of AI, which is not NLP- or recommendation-related, helps to personalize and add digital empathy to digital interaction with customers. Anbotux furthermore provides customer-journey analytics with insights in customer reactivities to external events. With AI we converty those insights into personalization and digital empathy rules to improve digital customer service channels and chatbots.

weX: I have heard that you have opened your first external capital round as equity crowdfunding in Seedrs. Tell me a bit about the process. 

Juan: We are really happy that it finally happened. For 15 months we were bootstraping with our own investment. We have clients and several other partners, but we decided to launch a small seed round as equity crowfunding in order to offer the opportunity not only to professional business angels but also to AI/ML and chatbot fans. With only €16 you can become an “anbotuxer”! If you want to become an “anbotuxer”, please have a look at the following website.

Why did we chose Seedrs.com One reason was that it is UK based and had financed more than 500 companies with some big successes such as the neobank Revolut. For us it was key to have a base of international investors to help gain awareness about Anbotux product.  Additionally, Seedrs had a special offer at the South Summit 2018, a leading startup conference for 100 finalists of the startup competition. We were one of the finalists in the B2B services category.

The process was handled very professionally and took time. A video of good quality was required and all the statements were reviewed and needed to be proved until the campaign could finally go live. The platform allows to send the deck directly to people who are really interested and allows investors to open discussions and respond to questions. The challenge is that you are forced to continuously improve communication and to try and understand the investors’ mindset better. 

weX: Well congratulations, I really hope that you will find many “anbotuxers”!