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Making yourself heard

March 11, 2019

What does being a woman mean nowadays? Even as a woman it is not easy to answer this question. In celebration of womanhood and the international women’s day the organisation female founders organised a huge event in less than 6 weeks. The motto of the event was “Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow.” Female Founders hosted the biggest event on the international women’s day within Austria in the weXelerate hub. More than 500 guests – mostly women – came to the hub for keynote speeches, panels, inspirational talks, workshops, discussions and networking. The topics ranged from career talks to female health care and discrimination. Many partners such as SAP, IBM or initis welcomed guests in small booths and offered information on various topics. The day was kicked off by a networking breakfast. After the opening speeches guests started spreading throughout the hub for breakout sessions and workshops.

The program was manifold. However, although many achievements in equality have been made within the last 100 years, there are still many more needs to be cared about. So one of the main messages was to be bold, make yourself heard as well as trust yourself to be able to realize your dreams. 

Personally the most moving and impressive keynote was the one by Ali Mahlodji, the only male presenter on that day. The topic of his keynote was “The Future is Female”. He focused on looking at the world from different angles and showed that many women pioneered in male-dominated technical areas such as coding as well as that the colour pink used to be associated with male strength and determination. The most moving part of the speech was when Ali read a letter to his unborn daughter, hoping that she would be born into and grow up in a world where men and women are finally equal.

The overall atmosphere was a truly positive one. Hosts and guests alike emphasised that days like the international women’s day are important to show that women have come a far way but are still not equal to men yet. Most guests came for the networking experience, the speakers and the workshops.