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Meet the Meeters: Hackabu

April 9, 2019

The wish of every company whether it is big or small is to constantly grow and be successful. But how to make your business larger is not always easy. That’s where growth hacking companies become part of the pictures. Such companies are per definition companies that help other companies to grow in using certain techniques, so-called hacks.

We are happy to share our hub with a growth hacking expert. Johanna Ronay, COO of Hackabu, gives a short insight in the worklife at a growth hacking company.

weX: Johanna, great to meet you. What is it like to work at Hackabu?

Johanna: I love working in this environment. The hub as well as our open-space office are very inviting. When you come in you feel the energy. As the office is open, it is easy to exchange ideas with the others. The hierachies in the team are rather flat, we react dynamically and quickly.

weX: So growth hacking is Hackabu’s core business?

Johanna: Yes, growth hacking is our core business, but there are other fields of work as well. We furthermore offer our customers digital transformation services, social media services as well as PR services. And we plan to grow in all 4 areas, growing the growth hacking company, so to speak. We have also launched a social entrepreneur acclerator recently. In this program we have 2 startups that we treat like customers. They will use our knowhow to grow and will stay with us for 3 months.

weX: Talking about growing, there are already quite a number of people working here. How many people exactly?

Johanna: At the moment we are 25 people. But as I just said we are constantly growing. At the beginning of this year we have started to build a structure so we can grow in an ordered way. One of our founders, Alexander Meyer, is currently in San Francisco to start building an office there.

weX: You mentioned in the beginning that you like working in our hub. What is it you like about it?

Johanna: A main asset is that the hub is situated centrally. In summer it is great that you can recharge your batteries while taking a short walk on the canal. At least that is what I have heard, I only started working here a few months ago. Within the hub there is always lively networking, it is easy to meet new people. The hub simply has a great atmosphere for companies and startups as well as their employees. I also love it that you can walk in rounds on the corridors. This is good for on the spot meetings. There are also enough areas like the couches or the coffee shop downstairs you can go if you need time to work concentrated. The only room for improvement would be more meeting spaces.

weX: Thanks so much for the positive feedback, great to have you on board. And thanks for the insights.

Johanna: My pleasure, thanks for the interview.