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Meet the Mieters: der brutkasten

March 22, 2019

Working in an innovation hub has great advantages, one of which is that there are different tenants. If you happen to walk around our hub and come across a small studio, you are most likely looking into the office space of der brutkasten. For the series “Meet the Mieters” I have met with Dejan Jovicevic, co-founder and CEO of this multimedial innovation platform.

weX: Dejan, thanks for meeting with me. So why have you decided to become a tenant in the weX hub?

Dejan: We have been tenants from the very beginning. We were more or less literary the first tenants to move into the hub in September 2017. And we have been happy here every since. I knew one of the founders and when he approached me with this idea, this concept of a new office hub, I was keen on becoming part of this ecosystem. Many people thought that it would be too risky, but as an innovative and digital media player I thought it was the perfect fit.

weX: Which has shown to be true, I think.

Dejan: Yes absolutely. The hub is great. We have this wonderful ecosystem with many different players. The international startups as well as the corporate partners make quite a mix. There is a lot of networking and, having been here from the very beginning, we have become established by now. Most people know who we are and what we do. Furthermore it is located centrally and many interesting events are taking place within the hub. I like the idea that a hub for startups is hosted by a startup. I also think that the interior designers have done a great job and have compensated the fact that this building was a former shopping center.

weX: Do you have a second office as well?

Dejan: No, we don’t. Der brutkasten was originally set up as an inhouse platform for “Die Presse”. I got the chance in 2017 to make a buyout and turn it into an independent platform. If you want an intrapreneur turned into an entrepreneur. So the timing with the opening of the weXelerate hub was perfect for us.

weX: What is your core business?

Dejan: Well, I like to think of der brutkasten as a multimedial media product. Most people know our magazine and the website. We offer our services wherever our target group is. This means that we offer web & mobile (text, video, podcast), social media, print, events such as meetups, newsletters as well as chatbots or Alexa and a few other things. We basically follow a 360° approach. My idea is that we become a hub for deep-tech projects. 

weX: That is quite an ambitious approach. It must be challenging.

Dejan: It can be, yes (laughs). Currently we are 12 employees and many freelancers. The most challenging but at the same time most interesting part is that technology nowadays is changing really fast, so our products and ideas change with it. And the way we use different channels. Take our print magazine for instance. It is published twice a year, we try to cover with it background stories and features, whereas online media is a much faster channel. Online we can react quicker to current events. Video is also an important channel for us. I think it is all in the mix. And you should not shy away from trying new things.

weX: That is true. Thanks for the insights and all the best for your future endeavors.

Dejan: Thanks, my pleasure to share our story.