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Meet the Mieters: Reiter PR

February 20, 2019

“Meet the Mieters” is a new recurring series, where the single tenants of the weXelerate hub will be introduced. The first tenant to meet up for an interview was

Reiter PR

weX: Hi Thomas, hi Alexandra, thanks for meeting with me. Since when has Reiter PR been part of the hub?

Thomas: We have been part of the hub from the very beginning.

Alexandra: We have moved into Space 16 in October 2017 and have been happy there ever since.

Thomas: We do have a second office, but whenever we ask clients for meetings, they all want to come to the office space in the hub. One reason for that is definitely that the hub is centrally located, which means you are close to your other clients as well. Furthermore it offers great infrastructure.

weX: That’s great to hear that our hub is so popular with your clients. What would you say are the advantages of working in our hub?

Thomas: First of all I want to say that we love being part of the hub. We love working here and are really happy. We see it as a multiplicator for ideas and projects alike. There are many interesting events in the hub. And the great advantage is that there are very small distances to cover. Yesterday I worked until shortly before 6pm, took the elevator to the second floor and was right there at the Startup Award. I also love the different areas, the combination of office spaces and free spaces like the coffee bridge. Whatever your mood is, you will find a place to work in.

Alexandra: For me the biggest advantage is definitely the really easy way to get to know new people, find potential new clients so to speak.

weX: Are there any disadvantages or things you don’t like too much?

Thomas: There is some fluctuation in our Coworking Space 16. But it is not necessarily something bad. Hopefully, startups grow fast once their ideas take off the ground. They need more office space or their headquarters change to a different location. A hub is always buzzing, so you need a lot of discipline to get work done.

Alexandra: But I have to say that people in our space are very disciplined and really considerate. Most of us go outside when we have longer phone calls, for instance. I also find the buzz Thomas talked about quite pleasant. I love that I’m sitting next to different people every day. This is good for the exchange of ideas.

weX: Do you only work with startups or also with corporate companies?

Thomas: With both. We are currently working with startups from weXelerate batches like Sheepblue, App Radar or finabro.

weX: In what way is working with startups different from working with corporate companies?

Thomas: The most obvious difference is the pace of work. Startups are usually small, they work very time-efficient. There are structures but in a company that works world-wide the structure is more complex. There are also more rules and regulations one has to follow, which means that the pace is a slower one. I really love the energy and inspiration of startups, especially the sparks in the eyes of the founders when they talk about their company.

Alexandra: I think it is important to know both worlds, to have mutual experiences. And as Thomas already mentioned, the entrepreneurial spirit of the startups gives you a lot of energy.

weX: Thanks so much for the insights.

Thomas, Alexandra: Our pleasure.


Photo Credits: Aleksandra Pawloff