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March 7, 2019

Like parents are proud of their children, we are always proud and happy to hear about the success of “our” startups. Who are our startups? The startups that have been part of the weXelerate Accelerator Program. The Italian startup Enerbrain was in batch 2 and is an expert in the energy sector. We have asked Filippo Ferraris, Chief Product Officer, to give us an insight into the world of energy and share their latest success with us.

weX: How would you describe your services in a few sentences?

Filippo: Enerbrain helps its customers to provide a more sustainable use of energy. We aim for better heating and cooling as well as ventilation systems with advanced algorithms providing energy saving and improvements of the internal comfort.

weX: Why did you apply for the weXelarate Accelerator? What did you expect?

Filippo: We applied to learn how to expand internationally and, as we are focusing on the B2B sector, we thought we were a good match for weXelerate. We expected to learn about new tools and skills and start pilot projects with companies in Austria. It is all happening now, so it was a very positive experience for us!

weX: What are your learnings? Any positive or negative feedback?

Filippo: Great feedback, it was an awesome experience! Where we see room for improvement is that there should be more 1:1 meetings with the B2B companies. The difficulty is that most large corporations are slow but if they are part of an Accelerator Programm their should be mandatory meetings between corporate partners and startups. That would really speed up the process.

weX: You have an interesting project with Wien Energie. Can you describe the project and your role in it?

Filippo: With Wien Energie we have complied a specific kit of hardware that collects data from different district heating substations. Wien Energie has a network of nearly ten thousands substations across the entire city, providing hot water to millions of people. Thanks to our cooperation we can monitor the process together and find ways to improve the efficiency of the system, reduce the operating costs and the revenues of Wien Energie. We currently installed the system in 10 substations and we’ll work together with Wien Energie to optimize the “perfect” energy kit that can be potentially extended to the full network of the city with a short return of investment.

weX: That sounds really exiting and promising. All the best for this and all future projects.

Filippo: Thanks.