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Seven-digit investment for startup txture

June 4, 2019

The basis of a startup company are usually new and innovative ideas.  In order to bring such ideas to live, investment is needed.

The startup Txture specialises in a game-changing software platform for the analyses and cloud transformation of global IT landscapes. Today the startup announced that red-stars.com data AG became a 25% shareholder of Txture GmbH. Red-stars is a company that specialises in B2B digitalisation processes. The two companies crossed paths after the weXelerate Investor’s Day in January and decided that they were a perfect match.

IT-tranparency and cloud transformation.

Generally speaking, big companies are under a lot of pressure to lower IT costs. At the same time they have to adapt their products and services quicker and more efficiently to a forever-changing market. In order to meet these expectations, more and more companies migrate their data into the cloud. This move promises cost-transparency as well as agility in the development of new products. Matthias Farwick, CEO of Txture, explains that “When in transformation the companies have to face the difficult task of analysing the current IT landscape from a technical but more importantly from a business- and compliance point of view.” This is where Txture comes in with their solution. “It enables our customers and partners to migrate their data into the cloud quicker, for lower costs and with an extremly low risk.”, says Matthias.

Txture automates the analyses of the applications and their aptitude for transformation into the cloud. They do not only focus on the technical feasibility, but also on commercial and legal aspects. Core of the platform is an intelligent knowledge-based cloud service, which compiles plans for transformation automatically. Users profit from a long-term use of Txture’s platform as the platform makes the strongly distributed hybride IT landscape visible. It furthermore enables predictability, auditability as well as lowers risks.

Why an investment?

The red-stars investment enables Txture to saturate the global journey to market even stronger. The startup will focus on the building of partnerships with worldwide operating IT consultant companies. In doing this, they hope to create bigger market share and further the development of their platform. red-stars will support them mainly in the areas of go-to-market and in networking with big key-accounts and partners as well as with legal advice and organisational matters. Thomas Streimelweger, CEO at red-stars emphasises that “The cloud-migration-market is big and complex. Companies such as banks or insurance companies will have to move all their applications into the cloud within the next 10 years. Txture’s solution is a scalable platform, which all consultants and migration managers will use as standard for their migration. Txture has unicorn potential as they only license the software. Consultancy is done by others.”

Congratulations to Txture on the investment. We are looking forward to hearing about successful projects with their new partner red-stars.