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Summer in the City

August 23, 2019

Every year most parents are wrecking their brains for weeks before the summer holidays start: What to do for 9 whole weeks with their offspring? Summer camps are a great way to keep them busy and get them interested in various topics at the same time.

weXelerate is proud to present two science and sports camps for children this summer in the hub: The bootcamp GameChangerCamp for children aged 13 years or older and the DaVinciLab for children aged 7-12 years. The camps were initiated by DaVinciLab and motion4kids. Both camps focus on digital education and sportive activities.


In the DaVinciLab children are programming apps and designing explanatory videos. In doing so, they come across terms and concepts such as usability, design or storytelling. The development of storyboards, producing your own video or developing your own computer game are also part of the program as are finding solutions for difficult tasks or programming robots. This week almost 50 children are working on such new concepts and ideas in the hub. The 7-9 year olds are focussing on nature & technology. One activity entailed using Lego to build animal robots such as snakes that can even move their mouth in the advanced version. With the help of a step-by-step guide on tablets the children worked quite independently, only needing support now and then from one of the camp guides. They have also tackled the question what technologies can learn from nature. Children aged 10-12 years have worked on apps offering solutions for environmental protection.


In the GameChangerCamps the latest technologies as well as work methods such as 3D-printing, robotic, game & app design, design thinking, scrum or rapid prototyping are used to develop actual solution approaches and prototypes. The older children have also programmed apps that had the protection of the environment in the focus. The older they are, the more independently they can work on such tasks.

Younger children are especially happy about the sports activities that are offered as well in both summer camps. One morning for instance, a mental trainer and former kickboxer talked to the children about their strengths, how to make use of them and how to persevere even with difficult tasks. Especially for younger children it has shown that half a day of working with robots or programming apps and half a day of sports is the perfect match. In general, children are spending more time in front of the TV, tablets or their mobile phones. Together with Sportbox, a sports camp for children aged 5 to 15, the summer camps want to get children excited for sportive activities as well as for science.

Wanna join? There are a few spots still available for the final camp next week! Check it out!