Smart Inspection at work

Meet the Mieters: Smart Inspection

If you want to work on innovative projects, taking part in an innovation challenge can be quite a door-opener. Our tenants Wien Energie/Smart Inspection went down this road. We have met with Michael Elias, co-founder of Smart Inspection, and Patrick Enzinger, project manager at Smart Inspection, to learn about their…

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a:head use human mini brains for drug discovery.

“CNS drug discovery is amongst the most challenging endeavours in the pharmaceutical industry, however, our disruptive technology using human brain organoids for drug design has the potential to herald a new era in the development of novel medicines for the treatment of brain diseases.” says Oliver Szolar, founding partner and…

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All’s well that ends well

And the winner is … After 4 interesting months batch 3 of the weXelerate Accelerator Program ended today. In these past few months the startups have made quite a journey. On today’s Investor’s Day and Pitch Night 36 startups have impressed the investors and the public alike with their innovative…

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