Get the ultimative
innovation boost.

Become part of the biggest corporate innovation network in Austria.
Connect with international startups, network with key players in the
innovation ecosystem, and learn about innovation methods and burning topics.

We boost your
innovation strategy.

weXelerate’s mission was to create the ultimative ecosystem whitin and outside Austria. By joining the network, you will get access to big corporations, startups and other industries such as banking, media, industry, engery and insurance. Exchange ideas with other companies, get insights into other innovation strategies, get inspired by impressive startups from all over the world and enjoy finest events in our hubs. Currently we are located in Vienna, the capital of Austria and opened our second location in Dornbirn –  a thriving city in western Austria, which is home to many industrial enterprises.

 Connect with your
own industry.

While working with big corporates, we discovered that our customers were not only interested in startup collaborations but also in meeting and exchanging with their industry fellows. Therefore we created our cross-corporate platform to connect our corporate partners with their industry counterparts to address challenges together.

Would you also like to see how other companies work on their innovation strategy and network with important stakeholder in your industry? Our individual offer has something for every need.

High level individual
startup scouting for you.

We support our corporate partners and their specific business units by exposing their business challenges and matching these directly to startups with the right solutions – we call this service “individual startup scouting”.

Our offer is a 4 month collaboration program for our corporates in which you can get to know your matched startups better.

Work together with inspiring entrepreneurs on joint projects and develop pilot projects for your company and turn into a pioneer in your field.

Our Corporate Partners