Innovation Services

by HYVE - the innovation company

Innovation Labs

Conduct Innovation Labs to develop new ideas and business models in an agile, user centric, coached, and therefore more efficient way.

Innovation Factory

Accelerate your innovations into serial products with multi-professional perfection including engineering, prototyping, and certifications.

Innovation Research

Apply User Research such as Netnography or Social Media Mining, Tech & Trend Scouting, or constant user testing to meet market needs.

Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing

Get inspired by a global user/expert crowd or invite Lead Users or Trend Receivers into co-creation activities.

Innovation Management

Understand how state of the art innovation management (software tools, processes, methods, incentives) may boost your innovation performance.

Ideation & Design Thinking

Make sure you apply state of the art ideation methods and implement innovation thinking into your organisation.

Innovation Strategy

Develop your innovation strategy and make sure it gets deduced into operative tasks.


Leverage the power of design and systematically integrate UX & UI, Industrial Design, Packaging into your product and services innovation.

Innovation Leadership

Getting help to be prepared to empower your teams in the era of digitalization.

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