All’s well that ends well

And the winner is … After 4 interesting months batch 3 of the weXelerate Accelerator Program ended today. In these past few months the startups have made quite a journey. On today’s Investor’s Day and Pitch Night 36 startups have impressed the investors and the public alike with their innovative…

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GOOGLE looks for information outside your company… ZAPIENS looks for internal knowledge.

All of us are spending more time than ever in school, at university or in other educational programs. Thus acquiring a massive amount of information and knowledge, which is later used for work within companies. But how do you manage this knowledge and…

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Buzzing like bees

Another year has just started. And it’s going to be a great one. weXelerate starts motivated and energetic into this new year. Our  headquarter is buzzing with events and interesting people this month. Get insights into new technologies, listen to a podcast, take part in a sports challenge or party…

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