When Text meets Knowledge Management

The weXerlate hub offers startups and our corporate partners room for getting together and networking. The idea is that together they come up with a joined project. But sometimes two startups find ways of cooperating on cool projects. That was the case for…

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Awards for eXcellent startups

Who is the weXelerate startup 2018? In order to answer this question we created the weXelerate Startup Award. More than 150 startups have participated in our three weXelerate Accelerator programs. All of them were evaluated by a top selected jury according to certain criteria. 14 startups were selected that way.

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Data Manufacturers

Working online and in social media – at work as well as in our freetime –  is our daily business. Data is everywhere. Therefore data and the management of it has become a very important business. Linx4, a weXelerate alumni from batch II and finalist in the…

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