When machines talk like humans.

Before the weXelerate Accelerator Program ended last week for batch 3,  we were happy to welcome Wolfgang Dreyer from Oracle as well as Andreas Rath from the startup Ondewo for a Tech Breakfast on January 16…

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GOOGLE looks for information outside your company… ZAPIENS looks for internal knowledge.

All of us are spending more time than ever in school, at university or in other educational programs. Thus acquiring a massive amount of information and knowledge, which is later used for work within companies. But how do you manage this knowledge and…

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We need more innovation in our shops!

Innovation and startups are buzzwords nowadays. Many companies use them, but only a few live them. Spar, a big Austrian supermarket chain, and their affiliate Hervis, the biggest sportswear and sports equipment retailer in Austria, are setting an example of how cooperation between…

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