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ACREDIA – the credit insurer

Bad debt can have a major impact on a company’s finances. The sudden failure of a customer to pay its debt can put the creditor’s own business at risk. Credit insurance protects against that.

Why credit insurance?

You trust in your experience and deliver to your customer on open account. Suddenly – without warning – the customer stops paying. This loss of receivables rips a giant hole in your pocket that now substantially threatens your company.

This won’t happen if you have credit insurance. We support you in your receivables management with our market expertise, warn you of imminent dangers in time and provide indemnity if something goes wrong.


Acredia’s two separate product brands, OeKB Versicherung and PRISMA Die Kreditversicherung, provide smart solutions to meet your needs.

Particular advantages of the brands

OeKB VersicherungPRISMA Die Kreditversicherung
The premium partner.The market leader.
Personal support.The driving force on the market.
Policies automatically cover political risks, commercial payment default and recovery costs.Local credit checks and monitoring thanks to the global network of the Euler Hermes Group.
Specialised in emerging country risks.Particularly strong in the OECD countries.

Brief Profile ACREDIA

OwnerOeKB EH Beteiligungs- und Management AG, Vienna
Market Share Austria54%
Company shareholders51% Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
49% Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft
LocationsVienna, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck, Belgrade
Share capitalEUR 6 million
Earned premiums
as of December 2016
EUR 72.9 million
Balance sheet total as of December 2016EUR 153.3 million
Number of employees as of December 2016197