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Customer Behaviour Analytics for Chatbots


Anbotux platform is conceived to help the customer care industry to fix 3 problems:

1) Lack of chatbot (and other customer care channels) behavioral analytics & pattern detection.
2) Lack of chatbot personalization that could be done with analytics including customer base data and external contexts to try to understand the customer segment influence and the external facts in the probability of customer initiated conversation.
3) Lack of agnostic chatbot A/B testing platform.


Anbotux solution is a Customer Behavior Understanding solution to help enterprises to know more about their customer base and with individual/segment based patterns provide API based feedback for their chatbot developers to personalize the conversational interaction. The analytics is done with powerful visualization of metrics and also with AI/ML techniques. Also agnostic A/B testing can be done. Integration with data sources (chatbot, customer info, contexts, other CRMs) are smooth using APIs.