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Leaders in sports betting

The Austrian Sports Betting Company („Oesterreichische Sportwetten GmbH“), headquartered in Vienna, was founded in April 2000. Gaming operations began on August 24, 2001. Since then, the company has grown to an annual turnover of approximately EUR 50 million. With about 6.3 million bets placed in 2015, it is one of the leading sports betting companies in the country.

Added value for Austria

The Austrian Sports Betting Company distributes its products under the brand name tipp3 exclusively on the domestic market. The company holds operating licenses in all of Austria’s nine provinces. In 2013, The Austrian Sports Betting Company began expanding its activities through a German subsidiary, Deutsche Sportwetten GmbH. The company entered into a strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom AG.

B2B services

Since 2010, The Austrian Sports Betting Company has been offering services under the brand name BGS – Better Game Solutions – to other sports betting providers interested in entering the market or developing their product portfolio. Through BGS, The Austrian Sports Betting Company is tapping additional business potential.

Success through professionalism

The success of The Austrian Sports Betting Company is based on integrity in all aspects of business operations, including innovative products and services, a well-developed distribution network, absolute security of customer transactions and the highest level of responsibility towards players and customers. Fully trained, experienced teams ensure that the high quality of the gaming operation is maintained at all times.

Corporate responsibility

The Austrian Sports Betting Company provides attractive recreational products and professional system solutions based on the principles of fairness and transparency. The company is aware of its social and economic roles, as well as its responsibility to promote and support sports in Austria by sponsoring activities and social projects. Protecting minors and players is a self-evident focus of the company’s activities.