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The VR Social Network & Multi-Messenger


VR is not yet attractive to many people, because most applications are only compatible with some devices. Moreover, they rarely create a truly perfect illusion. Users want more than looking at flat 360° photos with a head rather than eye movement. The added value of VR would increase dramatically if all existing digital content were accessible in this virtual world too. And providers of new VR shops, media or games would need a device-independent platform through which they can reach users.


connect is a photo-realistic virtual home, which is free of charge, data protected, interactive, social, customizable and expandable. In the long run, all media, games, communications and social media applications will be connected in this single app. The user no longer has to deal with different apps and lack of compatibility, but can experience all the contents of his digital life intuitively and device-independently in 2D, 3D or VR. All his contacts are reachable through the multi-messenger.