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Magnetooptical solutions for digitalizing industries


In the era of IoT, VR and AI data becomes key resource for companies to stay at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness. However, many companies use media that can not be easily converted to data (digitalized) like paper. This applies to a broad range of items, starting with small boxes of screws (paper manuals) and ending with large machinery (paper service books). Existing technologies are designed for tracking items, not for aggregating data about them along the full lifecycle.


Garnet MV is a low-cost high-capacity (1Mbx1cm2) data aggregation system based on the principle of visualisation of magnetic fields that allows companies along the item lifecycle to add data and encrypt it directly on the item or its package both remotely and in information system. Unlike existing technologies like RFID, Garnet MV offers companies a service model that creates controlled data environment and helps companies bring digitalization to a higher level of performance and efficiency.