Data-driven streamline of processes


The interaction between humans and machines is still quite complex and not data-driven. Thus, we always have to ask for what we want rather than receiving the right information at the right moment in an automatic way. In addition, it is rare that the machines understand our Natural Language and offer us clear solutions to our problems. Finally, there is a lack of proactivity and automatic learning of the devices we interact with. That results in humans having to ask the same things over and over


INNAAS’ Smart Agents automatically train themselves starting from data. Afterwards, they are able to learn during each interaction with the users. Let’s imagine a person who goes skiing and automatically receives a micro-insurance for the length of the holiday, or a micro-entrepreneur who is offer with a tailored loan basing the decision on his good history. Just pushing a button the money will flow to his bank account. That is what we mean when we talk about streamlining of processes.