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There is a gap between 2 billion creators on social media platforms and the creative that are looking for authentic photography and video content. For customers, like agencies, creatives and the media, they can’t discover and license visual content that is diverse, authentic, local while it’s in abundance on social media. For authors identifying as social media users they don’t have the chance to get discovered and monetise 2 billion photos and videos they share daily, while the demand copies


We made Lobster, an AI-powered platform where creative professionals can search and instantly license content from real users of Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Vk, Google Photo, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox and Verizon Cloud, Foursquare. We apply AI to autotag and ML to rank and bring the best content up in the search. Customers can search by gender, ethnicity, age, color, geolocation and we’re also developing the Beauty arbiter and the Style search, to match brand’s already established style.