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Privacy-preserving Big Data Utilization


Thanks to digital transformation, organizations collect an increasing amount of valuable behavioral data, that can be used for improving services and processes, as well as for developing disruptive business models. An opportunity for various industries: finance sector, mobility services, telcos, health care, retail, goverment, etc. But they typically face two key obstacles on leveraging their data assets: 1) a shortage on trained data scientists, and 2) GDPR = stricter privacy regulations


1) We design and conduct in-house Machine Learning competitons – to boost organizations‘ data science competences – providing hands-on AI training for their engineers, with their data and their use cases. 2) We offer next-gen AI-based data anonymization, by generating synthetic, yet realistic and representative replicas of privacy-restricted large-scale data assets. Thus we enable organizations to freely operate on such data again, while fully respecting their customer’s privacy.