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Smart Manufacturing on the blockchain.


At the moment only 5% of manufacturing data are utilized! Without this data manager have no clue what is happening in the production and they do not know if the company is losing money due to inefficient productivity, waste of resources and unplanned downtimes. This situation is even more dramatic at small- and medium-sized companies. In addition, manufacturing data are highly sensitive so they are usually not shared with any third parties. However, sharing this data with suppliers, consultants or partners leads to a sustainable efficiency improvement of the production and also production external areas like cash flow planning.


The world’s smartest manufacturing platform – linx4!

linx4 is a smart manufacturing platform, which increases your productivity, reduces your energy costs and shows your hidden production potential to help you save money! This is possible via real-time machine data analysis. The integrated blockchain technology allows your customers to share their data securely and selectively with external third parties like banks, insurance companies, consulates and many more. linx4 combines industry 4.0 with the latest blockchain technology which allows to implement completely new data based business models.