Real-time parking space results to customers


Currently, parking managers do not have real-time information on what is happening inside their car parks: where are available spots in real-time, which parking spots are more often used, who leaves his vehicle more than two hours, where are bottlenecks… Hardware solutions exist, but they are neither reliable nor cost-efficient. Similar problems exist in other markets, as reliable real-time data on vehicles or goods on construction sites or inside warehouses are either expensive or non-existent.


Parquery analyses any image from any already-installed camera to detect objects and provide real-time results to customers. No additional infrastructure is required. In order to achieve this, Parquery has built in-house innovative computer vision and deep learning algorithms which can detect any object provided a database is created. Parquery currently operates its smart parking solution in more than 40 projects in 19 countries worldwide, and wishes to develop the technology on new markets.