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PlayersVote gives everyone a voice, and persona.


As a sports team or league, you are always competing for your fans’ attention – day in, day out. You must be innovative to stand out and build a stronger relationship with your fans. Thus, it’s all about the live experience for the fan. Engaging those fans who are not in the stadium on match day is a key challenge for most football clubs.


For solving this issue, we came up with a new fan engagement approach to create a passionate, invested fan base – the platform (called “PlayersVote”) is going to deliver a breakthrough innovation in the fan experience – with live ratings/votings. With PlayersVote, fans can engage before (pre-game), during (live), and after the game (post-game). It aims at evolving fan expectations drastically by covering the entire fan journey. Fan can rate teams and players on a numerical scale from 1 to 6.