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Prewave predicts supply chain risks


SCM/Logistics: Companies with complex supply chains often face disruptions that could be avoided.
Insurance: In business interruption insurances, risks (particularly man-made risks such as labor strikes, political unrest, industrial accidents, etc.) are notoriously hard to quantify, especially on a global level.
Finance: Today 90% of what happens in the real-world is reflected on social media data. Finance companies are often blind to those events, missing out on major profit opportunities.


Prewave has developed a technology to uncover risk events based on social media data. These risks include: Labor unrest, political unrest, industrial accidents, fires, explosions, financial and legal stress.
SCM/Logistics: Prewave provides alerts on upcoming supply chain disruptions.
Insurance: Prewave makes the uninsurable insurable by providing valuable risk insights for business interruption insurances.
Finance: Prewave predicts market moving events before they appear in any news feeds.