Volksbank Logo

Volksbanken Group is the Austrian Cooperative Banking Group focusing on retail customers and SME´s (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Austria.

We offer to our clients the full range of Banking Services – from Accounts & Payments, Finance, Savings, Investments & Financial Planning.

Currently Volksbanken Group serves around 1 million retail clients and around 90.000 companies with 4.000 employees.

Traditional roots and sustainably connected with the region for decades is a guaranty for regional empowerment and freedom of decisions.

The Volksbanken Group will focus on an efficient delivery model regardless of enlarged banks after merging almost 60 banks. The consolidation process is well on track and the target structure will be finalized by mid of 2017, having formed 8 strong regional banks in Austria with almost 450 branches covering the needs and being always accessible to our clients.

The Volksbanken position themselves as the primary relationship bank („Hausbank“), serving their clients not only through a wide network of branches, but creating innovative products and services accessable anytime & anywhere with a fresh spirit called “frischer Wind”. Security stays always on top, no mather via web or mobile: „Vertrauen verbindet“ (Trust matters)

What is the value proposition of the Austrian Volksbanken Group?

HAUSBANK (primary relationship Bank of the client): The bank you trust, always reliable, always accessable, always close to you.

FRISCHER WIND (wind of change): The bank development based on client needs.

ÖSTERREICH (Austria): The real Austrian Bank.

PARTNERSCHAFT (Partnership): The bank serving satisfied clients.

SELBSTBEWUSSTSEIN (Self confidence): The bank being bold to focus on it´s core competences.