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Voice control for Premium Smart Homes


Smart Home market has two segments. Premium, stable, bus-based solutions like KNX, with slower innovation speeds but a lifespan that can last a generation. These solutions rarely come with easy-to-use interfaces that would give average users the possibility to self-manage their smart homes through different phases of their lives. Second is an IoT based one with many highly-innovative and simple-to-use solutions, but only a handful will survive the test of time in a very fragmented market.


Finding the best use cases from different fields and delivering them to the premium segment in a way that allows non-technical users to effortlessly tailor their smart homes. We started by bringing the voice to KNX and Loxone through the cloud – a first with no HW or programing needed. Now we’re bringing best of IoT to the premium segment in a way that offers users an effortless and integrated experience for adding new hardware to their home with complete control over their network.