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Automated data mapping and discovery platform


Companies store more data than ever before to drive decisions, but data is fragmented: it co-exists both on-prem and in the cloud, spread across various platforms and is used by different business units on different solutions. Due to that data fragmentation, only small portion of companies’ data is actually being used.Existing solutions try to solve this problem by moving data physically to a single warehouse or analysis tool,yet that approach is expensive, time consuming and not scalable.


As Opposed to moving data physically in advance xplore maps all data into a single indexed data grid to enable on-demand data analysis at the source in real-time with minimal friction and preparation time. With combined data management, analysis and machine learning technology, xplore maps thousands of data points automatically. xplore makes data accessible for broad set of use cases from cross platform analysis to data governance and security at a fraction of cost and time of existing solutions