Simion Hurghis

Co-Founder loyalcraft

Co-initiated and led the implementation of IT projects and initiatives ranging up to €0,5Mil.I help organize activity (Operations), obtain strategic partnerships (Business Development), craft great products (Customer and Product Development) and gain new customers (B2B2C Sales).7+ years of experience in IT projects, leading teams of up to 10 members. 6+ years of entrepreneurial experience, where I failed, learned and succeeded.I believe in simplicity and in continuous learning.I am ready to help and asking questions is for free. I am always happy to share my skills and knowledge with no obligation. For any inquires related to my area of expertise, get in touch any time via Linkedin.Data protection: the moment we enter in contact on this plattform, I save your contact data in my system. Your e-mail address will be used for further communication in all my outrech channels, including my newsletter.